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Rotatable Accessory Kit (with halogen to daylight

Part No: 9959
Price (Excl VAT)
1 625 SEK
Product Description

This Rotatable Accessory Kit is designed for use with Paglight and the tungsten halogen lamp holders (Standard, Softstart and PowerMax). It incorporates a dichroic filter that converts the colour temperature of the halogen output to match daylight, enabling the halogen Paglight to be used in daylight and with other daylight balanced lights.

A diffuser is incorporated to soften the output and reduce the harshness of shadows.

Two parallel barn doors are included to enable the flagging-off of unwanted light on the subject. The barn doors can be folded across the glass filters to protect them during storage or transit.

Each of these snap-in accessories can be removed easily from the supporting accessory ring. The tension of the accessories can be adjusted using a small cross-head screwdriver, to prevent flopping.

The assembly is expanded to fit over the front of the Paglight. It can then be rotated to the desired position and tightened to preserve it.

  • 360° rotatable filter and barn door assembly

  • Includes dichroic filter (converts halogen output to match daylight colour temperature), diffuser and 2 x parallel barn doors

  • The snap-in filters and barn doors are removable and tension adjustable
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