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Mon, 4 Dec 2017, 09:00 –                                                                                                Register at
Tue, 5 Dec 2017, 17:00 CET                                                                                    



Camera Nordic | Sweden

Västmannagatan 17 

113 25 Stockholm

Price €1,875
(Includes lunch, snacks and drinks, training material)



ARRI Certified Training for MAXIMA


This two-day training course covers all aspects of working with the full capabilities of MAXIMA, an advanced gimbal technology. You will be given the opportunity to enhance your knowledge of stabilization principles, gimbal technology and support systems and deepen your practical skills. Experienced professionals will detail the many possibilities the ARRI Camera Stabilizer Systems have to offer, giving you expert advice and hands-on training. By the end of the training you will be able to set-up, operate and maintain the MAXIMA and use it to its full potential in real-world situations.

This training will also reveal to you the full capabilities of the ARRI Camera Stabilizer Systems TRINITY, artremis and our new Stabilized Remote Head SRH-3.

Who should attend

  • Camera operators, camera assistants, DOPs
  • Gimbal operators and/or Steadicam(TM) operators of any experience level


What you will learn

  • Understanding the features and working language of gimbals and MAXIMA
  • Learn the physics and operation of gimbal stabilization systems
  • Preparing the ARRI camera systems and accessories for use on the MAXIMA
  • Get to know the software and GUI applications for advanced configurations
  • How to setup and adjust the MAXIMA
  • Learn to use the remote control joystick and wheel kit to control camera movement remotely
  • Exercises and drills for MAXIMA applications
  • Explore the MAXIMA in different support systems and configurations
  • Rehearse, shoot and record test shots to apply your new skills with the MAXIMA 


You will be provided with a detailed introduction to the history and development of ARRI CSS and understand the features and working language of gimbals and the MAXIMA. Each participant will work directly with a MAXIMA and complete ARRI camera system. You will rehearse, shoot and record practice shots for review. Participants will be introduced to typical on-set situations and explore the different set-up considerations experimenting with alternative configurations using the modularity of the MAXIMA to suit individual setups.

A maximum of 6 participants can attend each course. A complete ARRI camera system and MAXIMA stabilizer will be provided for every 3-4 students. This will ensure that everyone gets sufficient practical experience working with the system and instructors.


Duration: 2 days

Trainer: Jörg Schenten and Alex Voigt

Language: English



The MAXIMA MX30 is a 3-axis electronically stabilized gimbal, suitable for a wide range of uses. With MAXIMA, the creativity of filmmakers is not limited by camera length or weight.



TRINITY is the first hybrid camera stabilizer that combines classic mechanical stabilization with advanced active electronic stabilization, provided via 32 bit ARM-based gimbal technology. This combination results in five axes of control and enables uniquely fluid, wide-ranging and precisely controlled movements for unrestricted shot-making and total creative freedom.



The SRH-3 is a three-axis fully stabilized remote head allowing for cameras to go where no person can, with increased flexibility and ease.



The ARRI artemis Cine Broadcast and EFP HD are highly modular and upgradable mechanical stabilizers. Available with a wide range of different ARRI CSS components and accessories, they cover the entire spectrum of today’s film and television requirements.

artemis Cine Broadcast

The perfect cross-over solution for high-end digital cinematography and broadcast productions. The modular and future-proof design of Cine Broadcast combines all the features needed to operate successfully in both worlds.



artemis EFP HD

The artemis EFP HD is made to support not only todays HD broadcast cameras in live TV and sport but also in digital cinematography with the most professional quality possible. High capacity wiring, hot swap technology, HD SDI video, and tally support guarantee a perfect workflow in a future-proof and modular design.

Svenska Camera Nordic AB

Tel: +46 8 410 462 40


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