15mm Reduction Insert

Part No: K2.66255.0

15mm Reduction Insert

The 15mm reducing insert can be fitted to any 19mm rod mount to allow compatibility with 15mm rods.

Camera Center Handle CCH-2

Part No: K2.73002.0

Camera Center Handle CCH-2

Camera handle for use with top plate for ALEXA MINI LF/ALEXA MINI/ Sony F5/F55/FS7 & ALEXA M head.
Lightweight handle with 3/8" mounting points.


Part No: K2.0001103


Lens mount adapters provide a connection between lenses and the ALEXA MINI/AMIRA body. Lens mounts can be quickly changed within a minute in the field.

Camera & Accessories Case

Part No: K2.0001241

Camera and Accessories Case

ARRI branded Peli 1510 Carry On case for ALEXA MINI or camera accessories, cabin size with flexible dividers.

CSP-1 Shoulder Pad

Part No: K2.0006807

Shoulder Pad CSP-1

The ARRI CSP-1 for the ALEXA MINI clamps on 15mm LWS rods forward or backwards of the base-plate to suit best balance on the shoulder. The camera rig can rest on the CSP-1 on a flat surface.

BAP-1 Battery Plate

Part No: K2.0006471

Battery Adapter Plate BAP-1

The ARRI BAP-1 battery plate allows industry standard battery mounts such as the V-Mount and Gold Mount to fit to 15mm LWS rods.

RMB-3 Rod Mounting Bracket

Part No: K2.0006186

RMB-3 Rod Mounting Bracket

The ARRI RMB-3 Rod Mounting Bracket provides support for a single 19mm rod or viewfinder mount (cross pipe).

BPA-4 Bridge Plate Adapter

Part No: K2.0006352

BPA-4 Bridge Plate Adapter

The ARRI BPA-4 Bridge Plate for the ALEXA MINI is the interface to traditional Cine style bridge plates like the BP-8 and BP-9. The unit requires that the MAP-2 is mounted on the camera.

MSB-1 Side Bracket

Part No: K2.0006348

MSB-1 Side Bracket

The ARRI MSB-1 Side bracket for the ALEXA MINI is a cage side bracket for accessory interfaces featuring sturdy ARRI rosettes and 1/4- 20" and 3/8 -16" mounting points. The unit requires MAP-1 or MAP-2 on top and on the bottom of the camera body.

MAP-1 Lightweight Adapter Plate

Part No: K2.0006334

MAP-1 Lightweight Adapter Plate

The ARRI MAP-1 Lightweight Adapter plate for the ALEXA MINI is a small compact and lighyweight adapter plate for easy setup on gimbals and mini rigs

MVB-1 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket

Part No: K2.0006140

MVB-1 Viewfinder Mouting Bracket

The ARRI MVB-1 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket for the ALEXA MINI LF/ ALEXA MINI attaches the MVF-1/MVF-2 viewfinder to the ALEXA MINI LF/ALEXA MINI via 15mm LWS rods and viewfinder mount.

PL-LDS Titanium mount

Part No: K2.0003216

PL-Mount LDS titanium with L-Bus Connector

The ARRI Titanium PL LDS mount with L-Bus connector for the ALEXA MINI is a PL LDS mount which has the L-Bus connector incorporated so as to control cforce-type lens motors.

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