LC-E1 Cable Drum 75m

Part No: K2.41389.0

Cabel Drum LCS to LCS 75m/250ft

LCS Cable Drum Extension (75m/250ft)

CLM-4 Clamp Insert 5/8"

Part No: K2.72115.0

CLM-4 Clamp Insert 5/8'

For Panavision 5/8" rods.

ARRI - Sony Battery NP-FM500H

Part No: K2.47851.0

Battery for WCU-3/4, SXU-1 & WZE-3

The ARRI - Sony NP-FM500H Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery can be charged or discharged at anytime without developing memory effect.

Outdoor Antenna, straight, for UMC-4 Motor Controller

Part No: K2.0002007

2400Mhz Antenna RPSMA, straight

The ARRI Outdoor Antenna (straight) for UMC-4 Motor Controller is a rugged outdoor antenna (straight, 61 mm) for Universal Motor Controller UMC-4.

Part No: K2.0002044

CLM-4 gear assembly with 48 pitch, 75 teeth

The ARRI CLM-4 gear assembly with 48pitch 75 teeth for Panavision zoom.

Part No: K2.0001758

V-Plate for UMC-4/SMC-1/EMC-1

The ARRI V-Plate is a V-shaped plate with 3/8" screw that mounts on the back of UMC-4, SMC-1 and EMC-1 motor controllers.

CineMultiTrack Pack

Part No: 904TS0145

CineMultiTrack Pack

The new focus puller's assistant:
distance measurement system
for multiple objects (up to 3) plus direct connection to the CineTape.

Part No: K2.0001911

CLM-3 gear module 0.4/64 pitch, 120 teeth

The CLM-3 gear 0,4/64 pitch 120 teeth for Panavision iris, Fujinon ENG iris, Canon ENG iris.

L-Bracket for UMC-4/SMC-1/EMC-1

Part No: K2.0001967

L-Bracket for UMC-4/SMC-1/EMC-1

The ARRI L-Bracket is a L-shaped bracket with 3/8" screws. Allows mounting UMC-4, SMC-1 and EMC-1 motor controllers to ARRI camera handles.

Part No: K2.0001914

CLM-3 gear module 0.5, 96 teeth

The ARRI CLM-3 gear 0,5/96 teeth for Canon ENG focus/zoom.

Part No: K2.0002055

CLM-3 gear with 48 pitch, 90 teeth

The ARRI CLM-3 gear with 48 pitch, 90 teeht for Panavision zoom.

Part No: K2.0001918

CLM-3 gear module 0.6, 84 teeth

The ARRI CLM-3 gear module 0,6/84 teeth for Fujinon ENG focus/zoom.

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