Part No: 18749

Antenna 2,4-4,8GHz Short Angled

Fits e.g. for ARRI ALEXA and ALEXA Mini cameras, UMC-4, SMC-1, AMC-1 and many more

Part No: 11-0888-G

Antenna Array Bolt 6 - Bolt 4K GM

The Antenna Array interfaces with Bolt 6 / Bolt 4K to provide an extremely robust and uninterrupted directional signal.

Part No: 11-0901

6GHz V Antenna

These 2 dBi linear antennas can be used as replacements for the Bolt 6 and Bolt 4K.

Part No: 11-1227

Paralinx 5.8 Ghz Stubby Antennas 2-pack

Shrink the footprint of the Tomahawk or Arrow-X transmitter/receiver.

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