Lightweight Short Tripod - 100mm Bowl


The Ronford - Baker Lightweight short Tripod is exactly what it names dictates, a lightweight short tripod fitted with a 100mm bowl. Suitable for almost any load and resistant to any environment the unit can withstand most hardships unleashed from the environment guaranteeing stability at every shot.
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Head fittings
100mm bowl supplied as standard. Mitchell plate or 150mm bowl supplied to order.

Materials and Finish
Castings are LM25 anodised, stove enamelled black texture.
Tubes are 5/8” dia x 16swg HE30TF alloy, polished and anodised, with nylon wipers and nylon locking pads. Stainless Steel spikes to feet, with rubber covers.
Locking levers are anodised and stove enamelled black texture. All steel parts are hardened where necessary, and chrome plated.

Max Height (measured with spreader): 84cm
Min Height (measured with spreader): 18cm
Weight with AL tubes: 2.27kg
Weight with CF tubes: 1.6kg

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