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16x9 110mm Rubber Lens Shade - Long Hood

Part No: 169-HU-110-L
Price (Excl VAT)
1 750 SEK
Product Description Specification

The 16x9 110mm Rubber Lens Shade is a broadcast-style shade designed to work with wide angle converters such as the EX 0.7x. Using a quick-lock mechanism and a comprehensive 110mm step-ring adapter to slide onto lenses of varying diameter, the shade prevents stray light from hitting the lens and washing out your image.

Fits most wide angle converters with use of a 110mm step-down ring

Fits most broadcast lenses with use of a 110mm step-down ring

Locks in place with a quick-lock mechanism

Holds 105mm round filter

Lightweight design


Compatibility EX 0.7X, EXII 0.75X, EXII 0.8X Wide Angle Converters
Filter Size 105mm
Weight 5.7 oz (161g)
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