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AMIRA Camera Set with Premium License

Part No: K0.0014798
Price on Request
Product Description Specification

The ARRI AMIRA is a 35 format documentary-style digital camera with an electronic viewfinder and a 16:9 sensor area. Records onto in-camera CFast 2.0 cards. Outputs HD-SDI on BNC connectors. Exposure through electronic rolling shutter: 5.0° - 358.0°.
10.0001095 - Premium licence key includes: HD 1080i & 1080p; 2K (2048 x 1152); Framerates 0.75-200 fps; Recording Formats ProRes 422 (Proxy), 422 (LT), 422, 422 (HQ), 4444 in Rec709 & Log C; Unlimited Looks functions; Import Looks, Import custom 3D LUTs; in camera image parameters for Knee, Gamma, Saturation & other; ASC CDL in-camera grading; focus and exposure control tools; Dynamic Auto Tracking Whitebalance*; WiFi Remote Control*; Bluetooth Audio monitoring*; Pre-record function*

Features additional to AMIRA with Advanced license: 2K (2048 x 1152) recording; ProRes 4444, Import custom 3D LUTs

K1.71700.0 - AMIRA camera body, camera handle, viewfinder mount, viewfinder cable
K2.75004.0 - AMIRA Viewfinder MVF-1

* Features pending availability at initial product launch, planned for Software Update Packet SUP 1.1 


AMIRA Features Tour

AMIRA 2013 Showreel

Unit Weight: 6.38Kg

Recommended Accessories

SanDisk CFast 2.0 128GB Memory Card ARRI Tested
Part No: K2.0003623
SanDisk CFast 2.0 128GB Memory Card ARRI Tested
Professional grade 128 GB high performance CFast 2.0 memory card. Compatible with AMIRA and ALEXA XT/XR with the CFast 2.0 Adapter. Allows in-camera recording of QuickTime ProRes (AMIRA and ALEXA) or DNxHD (ALEXA) files, including audio, metadata and timecode.
Blueshape Granite Vlock Li-Ion Battery 190Wh 13,2Ah
Part No: BV190HD
Blueshape Granite Vlock Li-Ion Battery 190Wh 13,2Ah
The Blueshape BV190HD is a big size battery pack is one of the most powerful V-Mount battery available today on the market, capable of operating continuously in discharge at 12A (approx. 175W), designed for the most power hungry devices and to operate continuously at medium high currents.
Granite Vlock Li-Ion Battery 180Wh 12Ah
Part No: BV180
Blueshape Granite Vlock Li-Ion Battery 180Wh 12Ah
The Blueshape BV180 Granite is a moderately compact battery pack has an extremely high energy density, the the biggest in his size in terms of weight and volume, making this V-Mount battery at the top of its category.
CCH-1 Camera Center Handle
Part No: K2.72007.0
CCH-1 Camera Center Handle
The ARRI CCH-1 attaches to the top of the ALEXA, ALEXA Plus, ALEXA Plus 4:3, ALEXA Studio, ALEXA XT, ALEXA XT M, ALEXA XT Plus or ALEXA XT Studio camera and provides numerous 3/8"-16 UNC threaded mounting points for accessories.
Part No: K2.0001103
Lens mount adapters provide a connection between lenses and the ALEXA MINI/AMIRA body. Lens mounts can be quickly changed within a minute in the field.
13 000 SEK ORDER
AMIRA Camera Case
Part No: K2.0001239
AMIRA Camera Case
AMIRA camera case (Peli 1510 carry on case, cabin size, foam fitted for AMIRA & MVF, ARRI AMIRA branded)
Heated Eyecup HE-6
Part No: K2.72125.0
Heated Eyecup HE-6
The ARRI HE-6 is a heated eyecup for the ALEXA EVF-1 eyepiece.
10 245 SEK ORDER
AMIRA Camera Bag
Part No: K2.0001240
AMIRA Camera Bag
ARRI AMIRA branded soft carry bag. For AMIRA camera with MVF-1, camera adapter and zoom lens.
CFast 2.0 Card Reader
Part No: K2.0001242
CFast 2.0 Card Reader
For use with the ARRI AMIRA CFast memory cards.
Power Supply 26V NG 12/26 R
Part No: K2.47351.0
Power Supply 26V NG 12/26 R
Power Supply for ARRI cameras.
15 490 SEK ORDER
VMB-2 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket
Part No: K2.72042.0
VMB-2 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket
Sturdy telescoping bracket that attaches the Electronic Viewfinder EVF-1
AMIRA Raincover
Part No: K2.0004025
AMIRA Raincover
The camRade wetSuit ARRI AMIRA is a black soft flexible waterproof rain cover that protects your camera against the elements. It also covers the viewfinder monitor, microphone and other accessories.
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