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Arri Ultra Wide Zoom T2.9/9.5-18mm

Part No: K2.47620.0
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The new ARRI Ultra Wide Zoom UWZ 9.5-18/T2.9 is the first super wide angle zoom lens for the professional cine market. Designed for existing and future digital sensor generations, the UWZ incorporates patented, cutting-edge lens technologies that overcome known performance problems with wide angle zooms. The large image circle of 33.7 mm in diagonal works perfectly for any camera with a larger sensor. The optical performance of this new telecentric design is comparable to or even better than high-end wide angle primes. For maximum flexibility on set the UWZ can easily replace a complete range of wide angle primes.

The UWZ is optimized for the requirements of VFX applications and is ideal for plate shots or any situation where maximum image quality counts. The distortion of this lens is at a level of less than 1% at 9.5 mm length, which means straight lines stay straight, even at close focus. Due to a new multi-layer, anti-reflective coating, flare and veiling glare are reduced to an absolutely minimum. The telecentric optical design means the UWZ has a very uniform field illumination from the center to the very corner. Built-in ARRI Lens Data System (LDS) functionality provides precise lens metadata for zoom, focus and aperture settings, easing postproduction workflows.

Main Features

- Future-proof image circle of 33.7 mm for large sensor cameras

- Highest optical and mechanical performance Very low image distortion, even at 9.5 mm Virtually no image breathing

- Uniform field illumination, even at close focus

- Very high resolution and contrast up to the image corners

- Fixed Entrance pupil position over the entire zoom range

- Patented optical design

- LDS for lens metadata in VFX applications

- Exchangeable matte box interfaces

- Matches other ARRI/FUJINON and ARRI/ZEISS lenses

- Available in ARRI PL LDS or Canon EF mount





Front diameter:


Max. diameter excluding front and gear:


Length from PL mount to front:


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