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Alu tripod 1-stage 100mm bowl

Part No: T627
Price (Excl VAT)
2 850 SEK
Product Description Specification

Lightweight and extreme stability, together with a fast display in action, are the main features of the ENG tripods.

Available in three versions: the basic 3 tubes, the classic ENG one stage and the double stage, all available in lightweight aluminum or ultra-light carbon ber.

Height adjustment is performed by a fast, easy to reach clamp and includes a safety lock to prevent accidental falls.

The bottom foot includes a threaded spike receiving the adjustable rubber foot and interfaces with dollies and ground spreaders 

Material                                                  Aluminium

Load capacity                                        50 Kg

Weight                                                    2,5 Kg

                      mid-level                           3,3 Kg

                      ground spreader              3,7 Kg

Max height                                            

                      mid-level                           143 cm

                      ground spreader              147 cm

Min height

                      mid-level                           76,0 cm

                      ground spreader              67,5 cm

Folded height                                       

                      mid-level                           87,5 cm

                      ground spreader              85,0 cm

Bowl                                                       100 mm

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