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Battery Pack HD40 - Grey with Black trim

Part No: HD-40-GBLA
Price on Request
Product Description Specification

The Cine Power HD Camera batteries are specially tailored for the HD environment with advanced output monitoring. They offer high power, long life, reliability, performance and flexibility with compact and rugged design features to withstand the challenging conditions often encountered during production.

All batteries are fitted with internal self-resetting electronic fuses, thermal protection and over-discharge protection. The over-discharge protection device will cut all power to the output(s) once the battery has been discharged to the minimum safe level. A Yellow low battery warning LED will flash to give early warning that the cut-off point is close. A Red LED indicates that the battery is fully discharged, at which stage the load should be disconnected. The over-discharge protection function is totally automatic in operation, and will reset itself during subsequent recharge.

Fully sealed, suitable for air transport without restrictions. Battery housing machined from a high impact composite for rugged durability. Ultra low-loss design provides maximum power output, and gold plated low loss XLR and Fischer connectors fitted as standard.   

Size: 287mm x 226mm x 143mm
Weight: 12,4kg
Type: NiMH
14V HD Single Output: 40Ah
14V 28V Double Output: 20Ah
14V 24V 28V Triple Output: 40Ah
Low Voltage 10V-17V

100W : 5,5 hours
150W : 3,8 hours
300W : 2 hours
High Voltage 20V - 30V

50W : 11,5 hours
100W : 5,7 hours
250W : 2,3 hours
Output voltages are selected with a switch and/or output cable. Live outputs are indicated by LED above the socket. Battery output can be disabled by switch ( excluding HD-30 ).

Low Voltage:
XLR: 14V  
High Voltage:
LEMO: 14V + 24V is available through the LEMO socket simultaneously.
(24V max load 5 Amps. Not available on HD-30)
XLR: 14 and/or 28V ( depending on XLR socket fitted )
Other types of sockets can be fitted.

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