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Camera Case Cart Junior (Aluminum)

Part No: TR-04 JR
Price (Excl VAT)
24 205 SEK
Product Description Specification

The Junior Camera Case Cart is a fully collapsible cart. It is held together by four round posts which attach to the Top and Bottom Shelf’s special receiver, shelves are secured with a Hand Prong. All accessories are attached to the posts and secured with the use of a 5/32” Hex Wrench.

Top Shelf is adjustable and can be set at any height. Posts come with a built-in collar to help you set height at your pre- ferred location.
The wheels are detached by sliding them out of a rail unit se- cured by a 5/32’ hex screw and safety button.


• All aluminum construction
• Adjustable Top Shelf (L35 3/4” x W24 5/16” ID) (L90.1cm x W61.8cm ID)
• Stationary Bottom Shelf (L35 3/4” x W24 5/16” ID) (L90.1cm x W61.8cm ID) • Full Size Push/Pull Handle
• A.C. Ready
• Wheels: (2) 10” Rigid Caster & (2) 10” Swivel Caster With Brake
• Transformer system, fully collapsible

Material: Aluminum
Color: Black Texture
Max. Capacity: 1,000 lbs. / 454 kgs.
Weight: 96 lbs. / 43.6 kgs.
Dimensions: L3915/16"xW249/16"xH523/4"

L101.4cm x W62.4cm x H134cm (Case ready) L39 15/16” x W24 9/16” x H8 11/16”

(Case ready) L101.4cm x W62.4cm x H22.1cm

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