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Cforce Mini Lens Motor Unit

Part No: K2.0006354
Price (Excl VAT)
19 230 SEK
Product Description

CMotion and ARRI have partnered up to develop the new intelligent cforce mini motor.
The small and lightweight lens motor moves lenses on weight-optimized camera setups with remarkable speed and torque. Equipped with twin LBUS connectors and using daisy chain technology, up to three cforce mini motors can be linked up in a row.
The cforce mini connects directly to the new ALEXA Mini camera (only with Titanium PL LDS mount with LBUS connector) providing a super-lightweight, integrated solution. It connects to the new Active Motor Controller AMC-1 as well, making the cforce mini usable with any camera.

The cforce mini is fully compatible with all cmotion LBUS compatible devices such as the compact LCS and the cvolution system, the new pan-bar zoom, the knob solo and ENG adapters.


  • Super small and lightweight (~173g/6oz incl. clamp console and gear)

  • Daisy-chainable via LBUS

  • Directly compatible with ARRI’s ALEXA Mini camera, AMC-1 motor controller, cmotion's compact LCS, cvolution and broadcast solutions

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