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CineMonitorHD8 3DView RF

Part No: 917TS0078
Price (Excl VAT)
57 205 SEK
Product Description Specification

The CineMonitorHD 3DView RF features all tools of the CineMonitorHD 3DView Evolution plus the ability to receive a wireless 3D-Stereoscopic side by side signal from a TitanHD Tx 3DView. 

It works on the 5.8GHz ISM band that doesn't require a broadcast license.

It receives without any loss in a normal environment. With a latency below 5ms, it provides real-time 3D monitoring.

It can also be used as a regular 2D wireless monitor in conjunction with a TitanHD Tx.

Equipped with the latest LED backlight technology the monitor outputs over 1000 Nits for full sun operation. 

The monitor can be powered by battery (V-Mount or Anton Bauer) or by external DC.

Firmware and software updates are possible by the user with a USB key.

The selection of a channel can be manual or automatic. In P2P mode the link is possible only between one receiver and one transmitter. In Broadcast mode up to 6 receivers can be linked to a single transmitter, but data transmission from receiver to transmitter (S/N ratio, GPIO) is not possible.

3D Tools
3D modes include 3 Anaglyph (Red/Cyan, Green/Magenta, Blue/Yellow), Monochrome, Color, B&W, Shutter Glasses and side by side. A phasemeter provides pixels and lines phase information between the 2 signals. The Derobe's Grid and Picture Shift functions help to achieve two-camera photometric matching.

Standard Monitoring Functions
Diplay settings include: Aspect Ratio (16/9 and Anamorphic, 4:3 in SD), Fixed markers (TV safe, 4:3 and 14/9), Zoom & Reframe, Image Flips & Monitor Reverse.
Mutliple color adjustments are available: Colorimetry (D56/D65/manual calibration), Curves (LogC, LogF, PanaLog) & Gamma Adjust, Color / Green / B&W display modes, Blue Check.

Picture Analysis
High precision measurement tools include: Line Waveforms * (Y, R, G, B), Parade Waveforms * (RGB, GBR, YRGB, YPrPb), Frame Waveform with user-programmable clipping levels, Histogram *, Vectorscope, Exposure monitoring.

2D Tools
Standard 2D tools include: Full color Frameline & Matting Generator, Timecode, Embedded Audio Monitoring, Voltage Control, as well as Tri-color Tally (including embedded SDI Tally). 
Based on a high performance multi dimensional filter, the Focus Helper * helps to have a sharp focus in difficult situations. The i/ Lens module reads and displays in a friendly user interface the datas from Cooke S4/i & 5/i as well as Angénieux Zooms with ADS /i module.
An optional virtual Horizon movable on the display can also be ordered (see Recommendations bellow).

* These tools also work in 3D. The 2 signal analysis are superimposed and use specific color.


What's included in the box

  • CineMonitorHD RF, with 2 shoulder strap pins and 1 bottom slide
  • Screen protective cover
  • Microfiber cloth and bag
  • USB adapter for SW updates
  • Printed documentation
  • In a Pelican case with custom shaped foam
Video inputs & outputs


1 x HD/SD SDI + 1 Rclk out (BNC)
1 x mini HDMI in
2 x HD/SD SDI RF out (BNC) 
Audio Monitoring out
1 x Jack 2.5 F
Wireless Modulation 5GHz ISM band COFDM MiMo
P2P: 1 Tx to 1 Rx
Broadcast: 1 Tx to 6 Rx
Channels 5 for Europe & Japan models, 10 for USA & Canada models
Contrast ratio
Viewing Angle
max 900:1
±80° H, +60°/-80° V
1000 Nits 
(l x h x d)  
215 x 276 x 106 mm
8.5 x 10.9 x 4.2 inches 
2080g, 4.6lbs
Power / 
Power Consumption 
XLR4 connector (-1, +4) - with galvanic insulation
11 - 36V DC / 28W
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