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IBE PLx1.4 Extender

Part No: 1930 0005 5200
Price on Request
Product Description Specification

The PLx1.4 is an optical extender / expander that extends the focal length of 35 mm PL mount lenses 1,4 times and also covers the dragon 6K sensor format !
The recommended max. input T-Stop is 2,8, The best performance you achieve at 3.5.
The Extender features high-index, low-dispersion glass to ensure the highest possible resolution and contrast with minimal optical degradation.

The BBC guys did first tests in India for a disney production with the PL Premiere Zooms, T-Stop 2.0.
Their comment: "The extender worked excellent, we´re really happy with the results. This extender at least made it possible to take some shots."

Our Universal Mounting System (UMS) allows the reassembly
to any mount out there either PL or Canon EF, Sony NEX E, Sony FZ and MFT mount without reshiming needs!
Nikon F Mount can NOT be used with the PLx1.4!

Max. Image input (mm diameter) : 32.0

Max Sensor (mm diameter) : 34.5

Focal Length extension: 1.4x

Max. input T-Stop: 2.8

Light Drops (Stops) : 1

Lens Mount: PL

Camera Mount: Universal Mounting Standard PL 

Diameter (mm): 78.0

Length PL to PL (mm): 25.8

Weight (kg): 0.4

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