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IBE S35x6K Expander

Part No: 1930 001 03600
Price on Request
Product Description Specification

The S35x8K Expander increases the focal length by a factor of 1.6 and increases the image diameter of a PL lens to allow use of the S35 lenses on Large-Format cameras up to 34.5 (6K) Sensor diameter! 

It supports a max. appeture of T 2.0 and provides best performance at T2.8, with best values in resolution and sharpness. 

Robust and durable mechanical design with stainless steel PL mounts and anodized aluminum as well as decorative surface outside and flair minimzed surfaces inside. 

The S35x6K is NOT compatible with mirror cameras. The units can be used with most S35 PL mounted lenses. 

Max. Image input (mm diameter) : 32.0

Max Sensor (mm diameter) : 34.5

Focal Length extension: 1.6x

Max. input T-Stop: 2.0

Light Drops (Stops) : 1

Lens Mount: PL

Camera Mount: Universal Mounting Standard PL 

Diameter (mm): 78.0

Length PL to PL (mm): 20.8

Weight (kg): 0.5

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