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Large diam. Set Bundle kit - 75-114mm

Part No: TLC00071
Price (Excl VAT)
23 795 SEK
Set contains:
Lens Cuff - 75mm
Lens Cuff - 85mm
Lens Cuff - 95mm
Lens Cuff - 114mm
Product Description Specification

The Lens Cuff – Set 2

A patented solution to attach follow focus motors directly onto a cinema lens.

Torque your motors, because you can!



Set 2 Lens Cuff Sizes: 75mm, 85mm, 95mm, 114mm

4x The Lens Cuff, each with 3x inserts/donuts to adapt to smaller sizes (see technical data)
4x Stubby 15mm rail with 4x Sprig for optimal cable management.
4x Alcantara pouch to protect your Lens Cuff and your equipment.
1x Custom Nanuk 908 case to carry them all.

The Lens Cuff sizes and compatible diameters with included inserts/donuts:

  • 75mm: Adaptable to ⌀ 72.5mm, ⌀ 70mm & ⌀ 67.5mm
  • 85mm: Adaptable to ⌀ 82.5mm, ⌀ 80mm & ⌀ 77.5mm
  • 95mm: Adaptable to ⌀ 92.5mm, ⌀ 90mm & ⌀ 87.5mm
  • 114mm: Adaptable to ⌀ 110mm, ⌀ 105mm & ⌀ 100mm
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