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Mag LCD Tilter Head with 100mm VESA Adapter Plate

Price (Excl VAT)
1 715 SEK
Product Description Specification

The Magliner LCD Tilt Head allows you to install any LCD Monitor to its 100mm VESA Plate, including our iMac Vesa Mount Adapter Kit (17-24" iMac). Tilt Head allows screen rotation from landscape to portrait mode, tilts back past 90 degrees or downward 44 degrees. Tilt Head’s resistance is ad- justable. Available for Light Duty, Medium Duty and Heavy Duty applications. For Apple Cinema displays, you must use an Apple to VESA Mount Kit Adapter.

Note: Requires Tilt Head Pin Adapter for installation to a standard 5/8” Baby Pin.

Heavy Duty 25-62 lbs

Requirements: Mag LCD 4", 8” or 12” Tilt Head Pin Adapter, Apple VESA Mount Kit Adapter (when using Apple’s Cinema Displays)
Mag 5/8” Nose Pin (Center), Mag 5/8” Nose Pin (Off Set), Mag U-Handle 5/8” Baby Pin

Material: Steel
Color: Black

Max. Capacity: 3-24 lbs.
Weight: 2 lbs.
Dimensions: D3 1/2” x W4 1/2” x H4 1/2"

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