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Optimo 28-340mm T3.2 PL - M Scale

Part No: Optimo 28-340
Price on Request
Product Description Specification

. Exceptional optical quality enables the 28-340 to rival the best prime lens series at equivalent focal distances.

. Perfect homogeneity of colorimetry, contrast and resolution.

. For high-end film and digital cameras.

. Very low breathing, very bright for a 12x ratio.

. Precise, ergonomic focus ring, in feet or meters on request.

. Minimium image circle 31.4mm diagonal, perfect for Super 35  film and digital cameras

. Available in PL mount, Panavision and Canon with adaptors upon request.

. Available with PL or Panavision mount

. The precise witness marks and mecanics of the lens and its superior optical quality enable you to shoot cutting edge productions.

. In Super 3T mm format while maintaining your highest expetations of quality.

Aperture: f/2.9 - T3.2
Zoom ratio: 12X 
Weight (approx.):  24.4 lbs - 11.1kg
Length:  454 mm (PL) 449 mm (Panavision)  
MOD: 4ft 0.5 in - 1.23m        
Image coverage: S35+:31.4mm diagonal

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