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PAGlink PL150e Battery 14.8V 8Ah / 150Wh

Part No: 9308-P
Price (Excl VAT)
5 095 SEK
Product Description

The PL150e is a high-power, intelligent linking battery, and part of the PAGlink system.

PAGlink batteries can be used individually or linked to power a variety of cameras and equipment, including: standard or high-definition broadcast cameras, 4K digital cinema and 3D camera set-ups, DSLRs and handheld camcorders.

PAGlink is the only system that allows you to combine the capacities of more than two batteries, in any state of charge, to achieve longer run-times or a higher current-draw capability. Up to eight batteries can be linked for charge or discharge - an industry first.

The PAGlink PL150 battery has a capacity of 150 Watt-hours, making it restricted in quantity to 2 units per person for air transportation.

Linking two batteries doubles the capacity to 300Wh; three batteries provide 450Wh. No other system offers as much power.

Hard-wearing, heavy duty contacts are incorporated for high-current applications. The rated maximum continuous output is 12A when linked (8A individually).

Linked batteries form a high-speed network that enables them to communicate with each other, managing the output safely, and preventing the transfer of charge between batteries. Unlike other systems the linked batteries can be in any state of charge. PAGlink also allows batteries to be hot-swapped for constant, uninterrupted power.

As well as being smarter, PAGlink batteries are smaller and lighter, with a higher energy density than any V-Mount system marketed to date.

PAGlink batteries feature long-life, premier-quality Li-Ion cells, which have no memory effect, and are completely recyclable. In keeping with PAG’s total battery design philosophy they are designed and constructed to provide the longest possible working life.

The battery case is manufactured from high-impact, injection-moulded polycarbonate which is inherently very strong and also used for motorcycle crash helmets. The internal case design also protects the cell-pack against damaging impact.

A built-in, 5-light Run-Time & Capacity Indicator shows remaining camera run-time in hours and minutes. When linked, run-time is displayed for the total of all batteries connected. Battery state-of-charge is displayed as a percentage, in 6 increments. The display maintains its accuracy by tracking the performance, and adjusting calibration values to compensate for the ageing of the cells.


Recommended Accessories

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PAGlink Cube Charger (4 x V-Mount / iPC)
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