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PAGlink PL16 Charger (2x V-Mount / iPC)

Part No: 9707
Price (Excl VAT)
6 240 SEK
Product Description Specification

The 2-position PAGlink PL16 Charger is the ideal location charger for PAGlink V-Mount Li-Ion batteries. Up to 16 PAGlink batteries can be charged simultaneously (8 per channel).

PAGlink batteries communicate their state-of-charge to the charger and enable it to fully-charge all of the batteries, fast and efficiently, regardless of the differences between the batteries in terms of state-of-charge.

At the end of a shoot, simply link your batteries and connect them to the charger. The next day, they will be fully charged and ready to go.

The process is managed automatically by the PAGlink batteries’ high-speed serial network and PAG’s Intelligent Parallel Charging software.

During charging, the percentage state-of-charge of each PAGlink battery is indicated on its individual display. The PL96T battery’s numeric display can be inverted, for legibility, with a single button press, and reverts automatically after removal.

The stages of the charging process for each channel are clearly indicated on the charger’s large backlit LCD screen. The most discharged batteries are given a higher charge priority. Fully charged batteries will stop accepting charge automatically.

PAGlink means no more power concerns when using high-current camera set-ups, and no more midnight battery swapping on the charger.

Using a PAG charger to charge and manage your PAG batteries is always the best way to achieve the maximum number of cycles and the longest possible working life.

The high-power PL16 is capable of supplying 6A at 16.8V (approximately 100W).

The PL16 is robust, ultra-compact, quiet and cool-running.

A recovery feature is included, to recover Li-Ion batteries if their cut-out has been tripped.

The PL16 can be used to power your camera from any AC supply worldwide, using the charger’s built-in 100W camera power supply, which has an XLR4 output.

Range of Batteries Charged:
Designed specifically for parallel charging the following PAGlink batteries, from any state of charge, individually or linked: 
PAGlink PL96e Model 9303
PAGlink PL96T Model 9304

Suitable for parallel charging the following V-Mount Li-Ion batteries: 
PAG L95e/L96e Model 9310V
PAG L96T Model 9305V
Sony V-Mount Li-Ion

Suitable for sequentially charging the following V-Mount Li-Ion and Ni-MH batteries: 
PAG L95 Model 9360
PAG L110 Model 9302V 
PAG ZL-50 Model 9315V

Suitable for individually charging the following Ni-MH batteries: 
PAG ZL-150 Model 9316V 
PAG ZL-125 Model 9317V

Battery Connectors: 2 x V-Mount.

Main Charge Programs:
Li-Ion Intelligent Parallel Charging program: maximum output 6A at 16.8V (100W approx.).
PAG ACS Ni-MH sequential charge program: output 3A.

PAGlink Charging:
No more than eight PAGlink batteries per channel may be charged. Batteries can be in any state-of-charge. The most-discharged batteries will be given a higher charge priority. Fully charged batteries stop accepting charge automatically and independently of other batteries.

Recovery Charge Program:
This special program will automatically recover a Li-Ion battery where the output has been shut down. Additionally, the program detects batteries having a very low voltage, and initiates a special low charge current. The program will operate until the voltage has risen sufficiently for batteries to safely accept the normal charge current.

Self Test Program:
The internal microcomputer constantly monitors the battery under charge, as well as the operation of the charger’s own functions, which will be shut down to a safe condition should any of the tests fail. 

Mains Input:
100V to 265V AC. Frequency 50-60 Hz.
Maximum consumption 220W.

Output Protection:
Charger protected against short circuit and excess battery voltage.

AC Mains Failure Protection:
Should mains failure occur during a charging program, or whilst the charger is connected, it will shut down to a safe condition.

User Interface:
The charge status of each PAGlink battery is indicated by its own display. 
The different stages of the charging process are indicated for each channel on the charger’s LCD screen. The charger is fully automatic in operation.

Designed to comply with electrical safety standard BS EN 60065 and UL6500. NOTE: U.K. mains leads are fitted with a 1" fuse to BS1362 rated 5A as standard.

European Union Directives:
Complies with the following EU Directives:
EMC Directive 89/336/EU.
Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EU.

Operating Temperature Range:0ºC to +40ºC (+32ºF to +104ºF).

Height: 75mm (3”).
Width: 210mm (8.3”).
Depth: 190mm (7.5”).

Weight: 1.4kg (3lbs).

Typical Battery Charging Times:
1 battery: 2hrs 30mins
2 batteries: 3hrs
4 batteries: 6hrs
6 batteries: 9hrs 30mins
8 batteries: 11hrs 45mins
16 batteries: 24hrs

Charging times given are for fully-discharged 96 watt-hour PAGlink batteries equally distributed across both channels.

Camera Power Supply:
Suitable for powering cameras that can accept a 16.8V input. 

The camera power supply function is operated by pressing and holding the Camera PSU button on the charger’s front panel for 1 second. Charging is suspended whilst the power supply is in use.

Output: 16.8V DC. Maximum current 5.5A (90W).

Output Connector: XLR4F connector (pin 1 neg. pin 4 pos).

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