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Sprayoff Mini Kit

Part No: Sprayoff-Mini
Price (Excl VAT)
121 080 SEK
Product Description Specification

Rain Deflector for LMB-4 & MB14

Like the Sprayoff micro, the Sprayoff mini has been designed for rain and snow.

For use in the ARRI LMB-4 and MB-14 (replacing the first, front filtertray).

Kit contains:

1x Sprayoff Mini
1x Case

1x Spare Disc

1x 3-pin Fischer RS 24V Power Cable 

For matte box: LMB-4 & MB14
Weight: Approx 1kg
Disc diam.: 169 mm
Disc speed: approx. 3.000 rpm
Power supply: 24 V

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