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StargateFHD 7" Monitor

Part No: 917TS0126
Price (Excl VAT)
31 505 SEK
Product Description Specification

An essential production tool for directors and focus-pullers
More than ever the monitor-recorder has become an essential production and engineering tool for those involved in broadcast and cinematography, including directors, D.O.P.s, focus pullers, technical directors and engineers. The StargateFHD provides all the necessary functions in an intuitive interface with top Transvideo accuracy and reliability.

"Immediate Display" Technology
The StargateFHD has a fast path processing with a “immediate display’ capabilities with no latency. You can get the camera output directly without any introduced delay, increasingly important in many shooting situations.

Built-in tools
Record: dailies (H264 -> MP4/MKV) on SD cards


Job-oriented views: pre-programmed modes called ‘views’, feature a specific set assignment for each job - no need to navigate in deep menus to find the right tools

Focus Helper function: displays in-focus zone with coloured dots, making manual focusing easier

Peaking function: emphasizes the contours of the picture, making manual focusing easier.

Markers: can be adjusted by using the joystick to increase or decrease the size, useful if you have a graphics box to work with or you need a reference to frame up on

Zoom function: allows zoom, Anamorphic zoom, Custom zoom, Pixel to pixel zoom (1:1)

Tally: is activated through the REC/STOP command embedded in the SDI

Perfect for Directors, DOPs and Focus Pullers Every type of production - cinematography, broadcast, documentaries, sport, studio, location, video village…

To come
An even more advanced version of the Stargate FHD will come later and will feature:
- 3D viewing
- Lens Reader facility
- CineMultitrack embedded 
- Advanced connectivity to gather information
It will be the Stargate+

  • 7" monitor - recorder

  • Full HD Display 1920x1080

  • Compatible with 4K - 6G

  • Brightness : 1000 Nits

  • Fast path with no latency, for specific shootings where no delay is allowable
       Record dailies (H264 -> MP4/MKV) in SD cards

  • Inputs: 1x3G & HD SDI 1xHDMI
       Outputs: 1x 3G & HD/SD SDI (processed)

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