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TitanHD2 TX & RX Pro Pack

Part No: 904TS0149
Price (Excl VAT)
52 505 SEK
Product Description
Pack TitanHD2 Dual Rx 

Transvideo presents the new TitanHD2, a Wireless video connectivity without latency and without any transmission delay.

Small and lightweight, it operates on the 5.8Ghz ISM band and can be mounted on any video monitor. 
System is composed with a transmitter fed by a sdi bnc, and a receiver that can output 2 SDI video streams.

Up to 3 receivers can be paired with 1 transmitter, giving the possibilitie to build a local broadcast system.

Pairing operation is esasily managed in only few seconds, with the help of a configuration menu. This menu is embedded in the video stream and is displayed at receiver outputs during configuration.

Some led indicators give informations about video presence and radio link status.


  • Small and lightweight
  • Connection strength, range of 200 meters
  • No latency, no transmission delay
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