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artemis Gimbal 1.5''

Part No: K2.0010492
Price (Excl VAT)
21 310 SEK
Product Description Specification

To match the artemis 1.5’’ Post , the artemis 1.5’’ Gimbal offers high precision and a fine and functional design. 
The knurled hand diameter offer 1.96’’ / 50mm diameter, which give al lot of nice torque and control, even when heavy cameras are used.
The design of the new yoke and handle, is driven by softer and round shapes.
Also the length of the handle is longer now,  for a better visibility of the monitor and better faming.
Because of the new shaped handle is much much easier to use any kind Zoom controls with the artemis 1.5’’ Gimbal.

We redesigned the entire Gimbal yoke to ensure maximum stiffness. The new shape is focusing to guaranty no twisting up to a side wise load of 50 Kg / 110 lb. So even very heavy setups will not stress the artemis 1.5’’ Gimbal at all.
Of course the design of the artemis Gimbal is based on patented techniques, like the self centering mechanism. 

The Gimbal is a cardanic joint and the center piece of a camera stabilizer system and the operator-system interface. Here, the creativity of the cameraman or –woman meets the technical precision of the artemis systems. We use only absolutely friction-free precision ball bearings and our patented self-centering mechanism and special yoke-to-gimbal joint guarantee its symmetrical position. The touch and the smooth but precise movement of the gimbal allow the operator to handle the system with a steady hand in no time and guarantee maximum isolation of the system against movements of the operator and consequently soft and precise operation.

The tool-free gimbal clamping allows simple and quick positioning of the gimbal on the post, so that you can adapt the artemis system quickly and precisely to your shooting situation.
For low-mode operations you can easily remove the gimbal from the post and flip it over.

• No-tool gimbal clamp mechanism
• Low friction
• Knurled grip with 1.96’’ / 50mm diameter and 4.33’’ / 110 mm length
• Patented self-centering mechanism offers a higher precision of the system
• The self-centering mechanism provides the possibility to add friction for a
  more precise gimbal positioning.
• Handle-arm connection compatible with all spring arms using
  a 5/8’’ arm post (GPI Pro arm, IIIA arm, Master series arm requires a special arm post)
• Easily removable from the center post
• For low mode operation the gimbal can be flipped over easily.

800 gr 140x240x210 mm 

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