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The Final Four selection of
The Unspoken Nordic Challenge 2019

We would like to thank all the contestants who have submitted their scripts, the selection process was not easy but a decision had to be taken. Congratulations to ( in no particular order):


  • Dedication - Fighting Spirit: submitted by Ola Högberg


  • Fireworks : submitted by Fredrik Olsson


  • Parenting : submitted by Alexandra Magnusson


  • Blackout : submitted by Kristoffer Berglund


Registration for 2019 is now closed!

Our international jury consisting of members from ARRI, FsF, IMAGO & Camera Nordic is now working hard to select the four finalists that will have the oportunity to shoot their short movie.
Due to the large amount of participants the jury will now present the final four on Friday 25/10!
Shooting will start from 8/11. 

More info will come!

More info:

ARRI Cine Technik and Camera Nordic invites you to the

ARRI Unspoken Nordic Challenge

a short film challenge promoting innovative storytelling through motion pictures in large format.

This is a national Swedish film-competition, and we are happy to invite:

  • Cinematographers/DoP’s

  • Directors

  • Film school students

  • Production companies

  • Freelancers

The task is to produce a short film:

  • 2 to 5 minutes in duration

  • No dialog is permitted, neither are dialogue cards/subtitles or superimposed words.

  • Participants must tell the story exclusively visually - let the images do the talking.

  • Music and/or sound effects are permitted

  • Highlight – explore the possibilities with Large Format


To participate, choose a combination of two or more of the above given symbols, write a script/synopsis/idea in English and send it together with your contact details to Camera Nordic before October 11th 2019. All contributions will be judged by a jury consisting of representatives from ARRI, FSF, IMAGO and Camera Nordic. A maximum of four applications will be accepted. The “final four” will be announced October 25th and then allocated a week starting November 11 2019 when we provide the equipment for the shoot:

  • Mandatory Provided equipment

    • ARRI Alexa LF or Alexa Mini LF Camera system (Ready to Shoot Kit)

    • ARRI Signature Primes (A selection of Primes)

  • Optional Provided equipment

    • Camera accessories like tripod, monitor, matte box and filters


    • ARRI Maxima with EasyRig


All aspects of post-production are the participants responsibility.

Submission of the final movie will be no later than Jan. 7th 2020. The award ceremony will be held in Stockholm on Jan. 23rd 2020.

For further inquiries, and to submit an application, please contact


Blackout - BTS

Dedication - BTS

Parenting - BTS

Award Ceremony 2020

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