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                                                 4 - 5 Dec ARRI Certified Training for MAXIMA                   6 - 7 Dec ARRI Certified Training for Camera Systems






Event Report

It started out as a simple product presentation, admittedly a very long awaited and highly anticipated product, but nevertheless just a product presentation. Within a very short period of time, with the drive of Camera Nordic’s team and the support of the biggest rental houses within the Nordic region, the first Nordic Arrivals expo was created and as time showed resulted in nothing less than a success.

It was not only the great array of companies represented, which encompassed the whole technological spectra of products and services of our industry, but also the social and relaxed atmosphere which was a great contributing factor to the shows success. With an open bar serving finger-food, coffee, soft-drinks and beer the organizers achieved their premium goal, to offer a relaxed hands-on experience for all the attendants and to bring back a little of the atmosphere from the older trade shows. Trade shows were subjects and products were discussed over a beverage instead of over an ipad, were information and product experiences were elaborated and not answered solely by a specification list, and were most importantly the technological factor was coupled with the passion of the exhibitors. This passion was shown via the in depth discussions of all the participating members with the visitors, seen happening all around the floor via small informal groups and also via the presentations held in the “class room”.  That is were a Barco 2K projector showed presentations and product show reels, a characteristic of the show, which proved to be very popular with shows attendants.

         All the technical aspects of modern motion picture making were covered in the show, via either the manufacturers or the rental houses. Cameras, media recording, dollies, filters, tripods, rigs, PCA, wireless accessories, lighting, the show even boasted a camera car! What also proved to be a very interesting and a beneficial point to the visitors and subsequently to potential buyers was the fact that the show provided, apart from the corporate view of the products, the hands on experience of all the items shown. By having the rental houses as exhibitors, Nordic Arrivals had the edge that so many trade shows miss, real on site, hands on experience of all the equipment presented. The visitors benefited not only by the corporate and technical know how of the manufacturers sales reps, but also from the experience of the rental houses and end users of the equipment on show. This gave the visitors a truly in depth knowledge base of the items on show and many tips and how-to’s. For the potential buyers of new equipment and accessories this made Nordic Arrivals a wish come true, a truly indispensable show/forum.

         As the show originated from the idea of Camera Nordic’s presentation of ARRI’s new camera, the AMIRA, Nordic Arrivals continued to Malmö and Gothenburg. The show, after Stockholm’s 2-day main event, took the role of a “just released” product presentation. 2014 is the year of the AMIRA, accompanied by the ALEXA XT and supported on Cartoni’s Master and Gamma heads and tripods, the Camera Nordic team and ARRI’s Mark Dollery took the items for a two-day road show.

First stop Malmö, to the premises of Camera Nordics new partner Scandinavian Photo. With outlets in Sweden, Norway and a Finnish office, Scandinavian Photo is in the forefront of pro-sumer video and photo making equipment. With a large and very knowledgeable client base, ranging from stand-alone videographers to national broadcasters, Scandinavian Photo’s Malmö store proved to be a great venue to hold the AMIRA presentation. The turn out was truly impressive, and Camera Nordic would like to thank the Malmö staff for their support and hospitality, and are looking forward to next year’s roadshow. The second and final stop of the Nordic Arrivals show-tour was in Gothenburg at the premises of Gothenburg Film Studios and with the support of our partners and friends at Camera Center.

Another great venue with a truly impressive result, we set-up in Studio 3 of soon after we had finished with the preparations the first guests started arriving and did not stop until the afternoon! Again ranging from stand-alone videographers to broadcasters and DoP’s the visitor base was impressive, their interest and enthusiasm were a great final stop for the Nordic Arrivals 2014 tour and duly renewed our appointment for next year.

With over 200 visitors Nordic Arrivals 2014 was an un-doubtable success, keeping in mind that the show was conceived and organized within a months time. The bringing together of manufacturers and end users in a relaxed and social atmosphere, including presentations and open discussions proved to be a successful formula. It seemed that Stockholm was missing such an all rounded event for the professional and prosumer motion picture market, now Nordic Arrivals has filled that void. Camera Nordic would like to thank all the manufacturers and rental houses, for their support and enthusiasm, which made Nordic Arrivals 2014 a reality and a success.. 

 Powered from the feedback we got not only from Stockholm’s exhibitors and visitors but also from Malmö and Gothenburg we are renewing our appointment for next year. Nordic Arrivals 2015 has already entered the planning process, with more time to prepare we are certain Nordic Arrivals 2015 will be an even bigger success, and ultimately be the show, which the whole Nordic region has needed.


It was a workshop consisting of the latest innovations in motion picture technologies combined with the full potential of the Nordic cine rental powerhouses. The workshop focuses on a hands-on, touch and feel approach to the new equipment, which is presented. There are no glass boxes, no “look but don’t touch” units, feel free to pick up, turn-on, handle any product and ask as many questions as possible to any one of our product specialists on site.

One might argue that it is a showcase, a workshop with a hint of an exhibition, the truth is that it is a group of companies from the professional motion picture field showing the latest arrivals and trend setters in a friendly and relaxed environment.


A partial list of the exhibited units, which were on show: 

  • VW Touareg Camera Car with the Scorpio Crane
  • ALEXA XR Studio – on a Dolly with a fully loaded cine setup 
  • ALEXA XT Plus – on a SteadyCam setup
  • ALEXA M – on a Flowcine / Easyrig 
  • Sony F55 – Fully loaded with accessories
  • Filter from Tiffen
  • Anamorphic Lenses from Zeiss
  • ARRI Extender
  • Master & Ultra Prime LDS Lenses from ARRI/Zeiss
  • The Vault from Codex 
  • Support systems from Cartoni
  • Mipro Audio transceivers and mics
  • Lighting from ARRI

 and of course for the first time on show in the Nordic Region

  • The AMIRA


Any film set is a strange, strange location, for anyone, it’s a place were too much preparation is never enough; problems and issues that arise must be solved immediately, in whichever way possible. This has resulted to some standard materials and apparatus that are used, and some which are, lets say.... not so standard. 

The arise of specific needs in conjunction with practical minds of our industry have given us apparatus which have become essential in today’s world of film making. There are the obvious of course like the tripod, extended viewfinder, the Matte Box, there are also the not so obvious like the tape measure hook on the cameras, heated eyecups, or the Matte Box handle grip. Amazingly enough though regardless of the vast amounts of engineering and money put in our field for the development of accessories and supportive units there always seems to be one piece of kit that is used everywhere and with everything, it seems to define our whole industry, I am sure you have guessed it, its none other than the humble duct or gaffer tape. One roll of this “magic” adhesive material has become the undisputed icon of ingenuity, especially in our industry, maybe not so much for non-film crews, but one cannot argue that anyone who has ever worked on a set regardless of position, once they see a grey or electric purple roll of tape laying around, they know that a film crew has been there.

What we are seeking is the most original, extreme, odd uses of this awesome invention on set, and not only, in fact the core of this quest we have embarked on is to come up with the ingenuous solutions found on film sets regardless of budget around the world from our fellow crew members. Solutions that defy precision manufacturing, 12 digit part numbers and 5 digit price tags, solutions, that make you double take and give that little grin, and make you think, …hmmm smart.

Here are samples (before the duct tape era) of what we are more or less looking for...

Sample 1

Sample 2


Please do not forget to credit the pictures...(check out  the rulzzz section)



The Viewfinder
Open Day Event 2016, May 26th

The annual post NAB open day at our premises! Good company, good food and alot better equipment. All the latest cameras, grip and accessories from the awesome portfolio of brands we, Camera Nordic, represent in the Nordic Region. 

Come over, ask questions to the camera specialists here from the manufacturing companies, get all the "hands on" time you like and ofcourse have a snack!

Looking forward to see you then, Thursday, May 26th after 14:00, just drop in.







The Viewfinder,
Open Day Event, May 28th

         An open day at our premises! Good company, good food and alot better equipment. All the latest cameras, grip and accessories from the awesome portfolio of brands we, Camera Nordic, represent in the Nordic Region. 

Come over, ask questions to the camera specialists here from the manufacturing companies, get all the " hands on" time you like and ofcourse have a snack!

Looking forward to see you then, Thursday, May 28th after 12:00, just drop in.





The Viewfinder,
Cine Tech Talk & Beer

          A slap in the face of structured, corporate movie making and a hell of a good excuse to be late on a Thursday night. Beer and finger food will be available and all that is required is your idea, a thought, a view or a suggestion on how to make movie making an easier, better, happier place. 
          The point is simple: to get as far away as possible from a structured, dictated unilateral product presentation. Call it a pow-wow, a get together, a hook up, an event; damn call it a hunting trip or a board meeting for all we care, just show up.  The topics are to be covered in a social - friendly atmosphere so as to explore any tangents that might arise. All we ask from you is to come over, have drink, chill out and eventually offer your views on the different subject matters noted every month. No registration, no RSVP, no booking, no calls in advance, just drop in, appear, show up.



Meeting 01, Jan 30

An Ideal Camera

The first View Finder event was held at our place and as of  18:00 the beer tap started working.... The topic of this session was “an ideal camera” and the outcome was rather interesting and at parts surprising.

Although a smaller than expected panel showed up the beer was flowing and the snacks were being consumed. As promised the gathering was informal and relaxed, with the help of a white board we kept track of the main issues that were tackled and discussed. We are on the look-out for good-looking assitants!  It is important to note that we had both main camera user fields represented during the pow-wow, one was from the broadcasting, ENG field and the other from the cinema, EFP field. By exploring both realms of camera usage and also keeping in consideration the benefits and issues to end user but also to rental houses or TV stations alike, the out come was admittedly very interesting.

Issues that were explored were weight, sensor type, required out-puts, menu set-ups, ideal shape and size, and even what types of outer shell the unit must have. Other points of discussion included color, lenses, compatibility with existing workflows and versions regarding different uses.  With all these issues being discussed in depth and with the participant’s enthusiasm it felt like we were all in the midst of a think tank to create the ultimate camera, maybe we are.... all we need now are the resources... and the good looking assitant!

Admittedly our findings are highly interesting and thusly we are very thoughtful to publish them... if there is any interest let us know or come to the next ViewFinder meeting. 

As a nice conclusion to the event all the participants took part in a race with super cars around the Nürburgring ring via our virtual driving set, I think it will become a ViewFinder tradition!

We would like to thank them all and re-invite them, and all of you, to our next ViewFinder event on February 20 were the topic “Recording an art?” will be discussed, the discussion will revolve around recording and workflow in todays movie making industry.


RED Digital Cinema is committed to helping students develop hands-on, industry-specific skills through the REDucation® program. 

Offering a fully immersive training environment, REDucation provides on set and post production experience using the EPIC MYSTERIUM-X and EPIC DRAGON camera systems.

This is real-world training. Taught by industry-leading professionals, REDucation is tailored for all skill levels—from students to working professionals. 
Whether you're in London, New York, Los Angeles or Stockholm—REDucation instructors provide application knowledge of RED's RAW workflow in the field of Digital Cinematography and Ultra High Resolution Post Production. 
With REDucation courses offered across the globe—premiere RED training is never far away.


Led by a team of RED professionals, students shoot and review 4K+ footage on the big screen each day.


  •  Introduction to the DSMC System: Experience the modular capabilities of the RED DSMC system with various monitoring, lens, and mounting options
  •  Menu Structure: A complete overview of the camera menus and options
  •  Exposure Dynamics: Shooting RED in low light, high contrast, and daylight exterior
  •  Shooting Exercises: Learn best practices whether shooting motion, stills, or in HDRx
  •  Science of RED: Bayer pattern, resolution, codec choices, wavelets, and color science
  •  R3D Workflow: Post house and DIT overview, archival, editing and grading options
  •  Daily Screenings: Showcase of 4K footage from students and RED archives
  •  Data Dynamics: Learn about R3D file management, archiving, data rates, and hardware options
  •  Color Grading: Demonstrations from industry leaders regarding 4K professional color grading

Next event in the nordic region:

No events scheduled right now!


More info about REDucation: Link to the REDucation site
Registration: Link to Eventbrite


Innovations in wireless monitoring technologies & 360° streaming

Get a one-off sneak peek from product specialists, into the future of wireless monitoring.

- Teradek vs Paralinx
- What works, where and why.
- Wireless trouble shooting.
- What is 360° streaming?
- Including all the latest monitors from SmallHD

Drinks are included !

Open for all.

See you soon.

Date: Oct 17, 2017

Time: 14:00 - 18:00

Camera Nordic 
Västmannagatan 17
113 25 Stockholm
Tel: +46 8 410 462 40


Click here to attend on Facebook!

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