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If we sell it, we support it!
A simple statement which means alot.

Support is paramount, everything we do revolves around our eagerness to assist you in any way possible; aftersales support and service is no exception.

As the official service center for several of our brands (ARRI, Blueshape, RED, Teradek, SmallHD) to name a few and in conjunction with our state-of-the-art apparatus and our large experience in the field we can troubleshoot, support and repair anything that comes our way.

We are also authorized to offer warranty repairs if the situation asks for it and/or proceed to repair the unit(s) under strict guidance of the OEM to the highest possible standards.

The process can’t be simpler, and you are notified every step of the way.We will help you from arranging the unit’s pickup from your location … wherever that might be…  to the confirmation of its arrival on our bench and its subsequent diagnosis.

You will then receive an offer complete with a time window for the repair and once confirmed we get to work to match the time noted.

If you are truly in a sticky situation, we are usually able to offer you a service buffer, a loaner unit to cover that critical need you are facing.
We stand by our brands, and we stand by you!

So rest assured that if something does unfortunately go wrong, our team and its vast arsenal of resources is at our disposal to remedy the situation as fast as possible.


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