R12 Clamp-On Rings 156mm.
Used for LMB-6 Clamp-On Adapter (K2.66233.0) with a Ø 156mm or for LMB-4A (back diameter 156mm).


R12 Clamp-On Ring 156-150mm

Part No: K2.65243.0

R12 Clamp-On Ring 156-150mm

For use with Cooke 18-100 mm + 25 -250 mm Cinetal + ARRI VPs

R12 Clamp-On Ring 156-114mm

Part No: K2.66245.0

R12 Clamp-On Ring 156-114 mm

This ring has been designed around the Canon CN-E 14mm T3.1 wide-angle prime lens.
The clamp-on ring allows the Lightweight Matte Boxes LMB-4A and LMB-6 to cover up to the full frame 24x36mm sensor size (FF35) of EF mounted cameras such as Canon 1Dc, 1D and 5D MkIII.

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