Part No: S732

Floor spreader standard

Part No: S738

Floor spreader studio

Part No: S732/HD

Floor spreader Heavy duty

Part No: A850/L

Eyepiece holder Lambda

Schulz Mid Level Spreader for Pro Companion

Part No: MSP-PC

Mid Level Spreader for Pro Companion

A Carbon Fiber Off-Ground spreader for the Pro Companion Tripod.

Schulz Mid-level-spreader 150

Part No: MSP

Mid-level-spreader 150

This mid-level spreader is made of carbonfibre tubes.

Schulz Ground-spreader 150

Part No: GSP

Ground-spreader 150

The aluminium ground spreader offers the tripod firm support. There is no twisting or sagging of the spreader, when changing locations, thanks to its durable design.

Controller One

Part No: CTRL.O

Controller One

ShooTools Controller One compatible with all kinds of Motor One, supplied with Cable One 3 mt, battery charger and case.

Schulz Lock Mount set of 3

Part No: LM-3

Lock Mount set of 3

The Lockmount is a useful accessory for the Mid-level spreader HD.

Schulz Discfeet Set

Part No: DSF


In combination with the Mid-level Spreader HD , the discfeet facilitate the use of the HEAVY DUTY tripod on stairs and in restricted spaces.

Medium Duty / Heavy Duty Integral Spreader

Part No: RF.10006

Heavy Duty / Medium Duty Integral Spreader

An infinitely adjustable spreader, integral tripod, with a strong elastic clip-down device, which is secured in seconds. Made from high tensile anodised aluminium with large diameter locking hand-wheels to adjust length of spread; steel parts hardened and heavily chromium plated.

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