Part No: K2.65063.0

Cable SERIAL (7p) - Cine Tape (coiled)

Connects Universal Motor Controllers to Cine Tape Measure.

Cable UMC3/4 to Cooke/i

Part No: K2.65012.0

Cable CAM (16p) - Cooke/i (0.7m/2.3ft)

Connects Universal Motor Controllers to lenses with Cooke/i connector/protocol. Length: 0.7m/2.3ft

Cable UMC-3/4 to ALEXA

Part No: K2.65239.0

Cable UMC to ALEXA

Connects Universal Motor Controller CAM connector to the EXT connector on the ALEXA family of cameras. Provides camera RUN/STOP function and tally. Length: 0.8m/2.6ft

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