Cooke SP3 5 Lens Set - E & RF

Cooke’s classic Speed Panchro design delivered through lenses built for the digital age.
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- Focal length range: 25mm / 32mm / 50mm / 75mm /100mm

- Format: Full Frame (S35 compatible)

- Mount: Interchangeable: E (fitted); RF, L & M* (available to order as a free accessory)

- Speed: T2.4

- Form: Small and lightweight yet finished in tough anodised shell

- Scale: Dual Focus scales

- Compatibility: Matched to Panchro/i Classic series

*Available from May 2024

User-changeable mounts for key cameras: E (fitted); RF, L & M* (available to order as a free accessory)

*Available from May 2024


Compact and Lightweight

Small and lightweight with an ergonomic design yet finished in tough anodised shell.



Panchro Compatible

Matches perfectly with Cooke Panchro/i Classic (PL-mount).


Shared architecture

Focus and Iris mechanics are aligned across the set allowing for fast, smooth and accurate lens changes and to maintain focus and iris motor positions.

Painting with light

The great cinematographers have always been interpreters of stories. Artists who translate the mechanical and the technical into a visual language that speaks to our soul. In an age when anybody can capture images in motion, telling emotionally impactful stories requires something different.

Making humans look human

So much of cinematic storytelling is about performance. Cooke SP3 combines resolution and colour to transmit a character’s emotion in a more believable way. The calibrated on-axis sharpness off the SP3 optical design subtly draws the viewers’ attention to the centre of the image to produce an experience subconsciously familiar to human vision.


Sculpting with depth

With a subtle combination of focus fall off and breathing Cooke SP3 lenses naturally lend themselves to the feeling of shape and enable cinematographers to refine a sense of space and dimension. The SP3’s all-spherical design gifts the lenses with a gradient quality in the bokeh which presents as smooth and round. When used wide open the SP3 can offer focus fall off at the edge of the frame.


Crafted augmentation

Rather than overloading the image with dramatised artefacts the SP3 series organically captures specular flaring and veiling glare allowing cinematographers to focus on their creative intent. Specialised cinematic optical coatings ensure control of flare and matched colour across the set.


Dynamic dimensionality

A sharpness designed into the centre of the image is complimented by a gentle focus fall-off towards the frame edge offering the DOP extra dimensionality to shape the image. A core imaging effect of using the SP3 is that these lenses are sharp on the optical axis, which translates to being sharp in the centre of the image. This is complimented by a delicate fall-off towards the edge of the frame mimicking the way the human eye sees the world.


Dynamic fall off

SP3 displays the classic Cooke Look characteristics and is super sharp on-axis but is designed to roll off towards the edge of frame.

SP3 50mm Chart 4K_1.5.2 resized


8K and beyond

SP3 is capable of the highest levels of resolution on modern digital sensors.




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