Sprayoff Milli Raindeflector Kit

Rain Deflector for MB-18
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Rain Deflector for MB-18

It is a classical rain deflector with a unique design. Ist outstanding features make it a useful accessory for filmmaking.

- Easy handling / quick setup
The Sprayoff Milli's design allows easy handling and quick setup. It's designed to be used into an existing matte box, like ARRI's MB-18 The Sprayoff Milli is meant to be pushed into the matte box instead of the first (front) filter tray.

- Power is supplied from the camera with an RS-cable.
That's it. Easy and quick setup is done as fast as a filter change.

- Advantage function
At least one filter tray remains for the parallel use.

- Advantage weight
The Sprayoff Milli is a lightweight Rain Deflector. This tool recommends itself for Steadycam, handheld and shoulder camera.

Kit contains:
1x Sprayoff Milli
1x Case
1x Spare Disc
1x 3-pin Fischer RS 24V Power Cable 

For matte box: MB-18

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